The Nostalgia Critic – In the Beginning


Once upon a time there was a guy called the “Nostalgia Critic”. He always counted to 11, because he liked to go one step beyond…


He made funny videos but was very lonesome. So one day he was looking for a companion, and she was called the “Nostalgia Chick”:

And then he went on making his website big and bigger, while always reviewing classics:

And sometimes he seemed to be ice cold:

And he ran into trouble:

The rage with the Angry Video Game Nerd went on:

And with “That Guy with the Glasses” a new ally was found:

And even more allies were found:

But other allies had to leave:

Commercial break!

The Guys at “This Guy with the Glasses” didn’t give up:

And so the first year was about to come to a big finale…ish:



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