Cinemassacre | Monster Madness Bumper Collection 2007-2014

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It’s the first day of Fall! Let’s get ready to celebrate the Halloween season, with the 9th annual Monster Madness, presented by Cinemassacre! This time, it will be another random assortment of movie reviews. Classic horror, New horror, spanning the timeline from 1925-2015. I’ll take care of lots of major league horror titles, and answer many of last year’s requests from the fans. There’s lots of coverage of Roger Corman, George Romero, and also Academy Award winning horror films. There’s a big emphasize on public domain films, as well as unscripted videos with Mike in it. This time, Monster Madness will have a presence on YouTube, for the first time since it’s original incarnation! About a dozen of the videos will be exclusives, but for YouTube, those days will be filled in with reruns and re-edits that have never been on YouTube before. So wherever you’re watching, you’ll be getting 31 videos!


For now, here’s a video showing the bumpers from all the past years, as well as a guide for newcomers.

See all past reviews here.…

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