Alison’s Adventure’s Road to Kontiki

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Once upon a time there was a Norwegian explorer by the name of Thor Heyerdahl who was an adventurer who decided to take on a big journey from Peru to the Eastern Island. Heyerdahl decided that he would build a raft that he named Kon-Tiki and would take it on this grand expedition across the South Pacific Ocean.


This is a moment inspired another Norwegian man to take on the same adventure. Håkon Wium Lie who is CTO at @operabrowser and is the founder of Cascading Styles Sheet or known as CSS is getting ready to take the same expedition Heyerdahl took.

The adventure is beginning at Allison’s grass shack in Hawaii on #RoadToKontiki where YouTube stars are joining her to compete for the opportunity to take a spot on the big expedition called #Kontiki2…you can vote for her at

AND most importantly, since the Kontiki mission will focus on plastic pollution research, she will be taking the crew to do a local clean up and focusing our message for the week on reduce, reuse, recycle!


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