Overture 2016: The Epic Commodore C64 SID Collection

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For the opening of 2016 here is a special Overture! Play it while you read this text. Let it be read by an epic voice in your mind:



It is a strange time. And that is meant literally, because time itself has become strange and not so much wibley-wobley. After the destruction of what was the Blip, things get rough and space and time are spinning around like a record, baby.

In an attempt of getting any sense of order into this, brave people are trying to fill the space of the tube with senseful content. Others try it with not so senseful content. The conflict is imminent.

Chased by the sinster agents of Crapulax, those brave ships and crews of ASTROCOHORS are boldly going where no man has gone before…



CosmosC64 says about the music in the video: “Here are 640 minutes of our most favorite SID tunes from our youth. Painstakingly selected and lovingly arranged into hour-long sectors, these are the legendary melodies that have burned themselves deep into our brains. The Epic Commodore C64 SID Collection aims to be a delight for the veteran C64 freak as well as today’s millennial who loves chiptunes but has never even seen an 8-bit computer. Press play, turn the volume up to 11 and get into the groove”


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