Happy Hobbit: Swine and Dairy Goats – Episode 29

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Join Fili and Eowyn on the outskirts of Rohan to learn more about what it takes to raise your own swine and dairy livestock. Find out a delicious way to make cheese while getting a glimpse into how Tolkien has aided and influenced this U.S. soldier’s life. And of course, be prepared for much hobbity farm madness!


Happy Hobbit: Caramel Apples (Halloween Special 2013) – Episode 28

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You just might be in for a frightful tale if you’re brave enough to join Fili and Kili to learn how to make caramel apples… Happy Halloween! ! If you want another thrilling tale, check out Kili’s book (see below). WARNING: This caramel is dangerously sticky/chewy!

Happy Hobbit: Pumpkin Bread – Episode 24

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When Fili and Kili are forced to miss the county fair, they decide to bring the fair to them with some mischief in Farmer Maggot’s garden and pumpkin bread! In other words, we really did have to miss the fair after orcs attacked our truck tires, so we made the best of it by filming an episode!