Screen Junkies | Disney World’s Star Wars Land: Dream Rides!?

Movie Fights LIVE! Dan Murrell, Mike Carlson, and Amy Nicholson debate the following topics with judge Andy Signore for the week of 8/16:

0:35:46 FIGHT #1 – What Captain America: Civil War character should we be we most excited for?

0:47:08 FIGHT #2 – Is Colin Trevorrow a good choice for Directing Episode 9? If not, pitch a better option!

1:01:41 FIGHT # 3 – Fighters please design & pitch the ultimate Star Wars ride…

1:16:22 FIGHT #4 – What is the best “return” to a franchise?

1:29:45 FIGHT #5 – What’s the Best performance in a Quentin Tarantino Movie?

1:45:01 FIGHT #6 – REMATCH! What would make the best movie marathon?