Screen Junkies | Han Solo vs Indiana Jones – MOVIE FIGHTS! Live from Chicago Comic Con

Eight gladiators compete live at Chicago Comic-Con 2015 and debate the following topics with judge Andy Signore (creator of Honest Trailers) for the week of 8/28:

0:03:18 FIGHT 1 – Dan Murrell v Fan Jared McMorrow: Best Marvel Movie?
0:08:24 FIGHT 2 – Nostalgia Critic v Fan Joe Armenta: Which of DC’s future movies should be cut?
0:13:19 FIGHT 3 – John Flickinger v. Fan April O’Donnell: Who is the best working director today?
0:18:24 FIGHT 4 – Chris Stuckmann v. Fan Joe Simpson: Better Franchise Hero? Luke Skywalker or Harry Potter?
0:26:23 FIGHT 5 – Dan Murrell v Nostalgia Critic – Who’s better? Indiana Jones or Han Solo?
0:32:03 FIGHT 6 – Chris Stuckmann v. John Flickinger: Who’d win in a fight: Iron Man or Captain America?
0:36:14 FIGHT 7 – Best Pixar Movie? Chris Stuckmann v. Dan Murrell