Screen Junkies | Who Should Play Robin in the Next Batman Movie? – MOVIE FIGHTS!

Scott Mantz (Access Hollywood), John Rocha (Top Ten Podcast) and Kim Horcher (Nerd Alert) debate the following topics with judge Andy Signore (creator of Honest Trailers) for the week of 9/18:

0:03:59 FIGHT 1 – Who should play Robin in a future Batman movie?
0:15:25 FIGHT 2 – Pitch M. Night Shyamalan’s next movie
0:24:46 FIGHT 3 – What is the best Johnny Depp performance?
0:35:07 FIGHT 4 – Cast the Charlie’s Angels reboot
0:45:21 FIGHT 5 – What is the best Rocky fight?
0:56:50 FIGHT 6 – What Disney movie should join The Jungle Book live action universe?