The Oracle of Pyra


The Generals and Admirals of STAR COMMAND had made a decision: STAR COMMAND needed new division around the galaxy to be close to the places where the action was. With the friendly people of the planet Ujou helping STAR COMMAND should get a new headquarter in the sector of Urdam Bardogh. Its name should be “Central League of Urdam Bardogh” or C.L.U.B. in short. STAR COMMAND C.L.U.B.

Jarmo Dorak, a young officer, was chosen to be the one to open up the new section. He was invited to the Oracle of Pyra by the inhabitants of Ujou where a ceremony should take place for the official opening.

Later STAR COMMAND Headquarter received a message from Dorak that everything was well. The Generals and Admirals were happy, although this message sounded strangely unpersonal. But who cared. It was done:

STAR COMMAND C.L.U.B. had opened.

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